Video Field Production MultiCam - Aerial Green Screen

Bakersfield Video Productions can provide Professional Field Production in the 4K Ultra HD recording format and/or the HD Format. Our cameras can record to both Dual SD card slots or to an auxiliary Recorder/Monitor system in 4K 60p. Aerial videography is available via Helicopter or Drone. We also Specialize in Green Screen Virtual Production. We can provide both LED and Tungsten Lighting Fixtures, a variety of Mics and Audio Recording devices, and associated Grip Equipment for Single and Multi-Cam requirements including Field Video playback to pro level 4K LED Monitors. From Pre Site Surveys, Advanced Planning, Scripting to Directing both Single and Multi Camera setups, we've Got you Covered!

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Video Post Production Editing - Motion Graphics - 3D Titling

Bakersfield Video Productions offers Professional Post Production Digital Editing Services including 4K Ultra HD projects, Visual Effects, Color Grading, Animated 3D Titling, Audio Editing, Photo Editing, and much more! Bakersfield Video Productions also Specialize in Green Screen Virtual Set Design and Editing Chroma Key Footage. We also provide Consumer Home Video Editing Packages that can Bring to Life those Old Reels of Home Movie Film that you've been storing for years, along with Footage from your Old Videotapes and Audio Cassettes. Along with additional Photos and Titles, we can Recreate those Special Times in Your Life that can be Shared with Family and Friends

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Movie Film Transfer Video Duplication Photos & Slides Audio Cassettes

Bakersfield Video Productions can provide Custom Video and Audio Encoding for Specialized client needs, including Online Uploads and Storage, encodes for Online customer playback, Multiple Encode Sizes and Formats and more. We also offer DVD and BluRay disc Duplication and Replication, Print Design, etc. We can supply Digital Still Photo production, Photo Editing and Restoration, Duplication and Online Uploads for Customer Review. Along with Old 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm Movie Film Digital Transfer and Restoration, we can Extract Single Frames from your Film Reels for both Digital Stills and Photo Printing. In addition to Audio Field Production and Studio Audio Recording, we offer Audio Post Production, CD Duplication, Replication and More!

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Shooting Interesting Video Footage is our Specialty!

Your Company's Media Project may require something Special. If you Need the Shot, we can Deliver the Footage!

We can Edit your Special Event!

Bring us your Video Footage that has been trapped on Your Old Camera's SD Storage Card or Videotape Cassettes along with those Special Photos and we will help you create more Memories of a Lifetime!

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